Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Open to all levels | 45mins
Class size: 25

Indigenous to the Philippines, PTK-SMF™ is The Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system of Close-Quarters Combat Blade Fighting.

Pekiti-Tirsia is a proven system of Combat Strategy and Tactics that provides Protection from Strikes and Attacks, Destruction of Opponents Weapons, and Domination of any Combat or Self-Defense situation, executed with techniques that Attack, Quarter, and Neutralize Single or Multiple Opponents.

The PTK-SMF standard is the use and mastery of the Live Blade with the proper range, timing, intent and energy of dynamic, continuous Offensive and Counter-Offensive Attacks.



Monday and Thursday: 6:30pm

Saturday: 11:00am

Sunday: 10:30am