Gaius Ebratt

Muay Thai

Gaius’ exposure to martial arts training began early: his mother is a black belt in Kung Fu and his father in Tai Chi. Gaius was a top-ranked competitor and US National Team member. Now an active-duty member of the FDNY, Gaius is pleased to share his technical knowledge and competitive experience. Starting at Five Points Academy as a young man, Giaus also honed his skills at Sitmonchai Gym in Kanchanaburi Thailand, and with hours of private training with Arjan Jud, trainer of champions such as Buakaw and Namsaknoi.

Certifications and Competitive Accomplishments

  • 2x TBA US Champion; TBA Northeast Regional Champion; 2013 TBA Open Champion; Gold Medal, 2011 WKA World Championships; 2011 WKA Open Champion; FNF Champion; Warriors Cup Champion; 2X WKA Regional Champion; 2007 WKA Novice Champion

  • Kettlebell Athletics Certified Level 2 Kettlebell Coach
  • Red and Yellow Grade instructor in Muay Thai