Do you allow visitors?

Yes, visitors are more than welcome to come and train with us at any time.

Do you offer free trials?

No. Our class rate is $35 per class. If you like the class and would like to sign up after, we credit the class rate towards your membership.

Do I need to make reservations to attend classes?

No, you do not need to make reservations, however we ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you can fill out a waiver, purchase your visitors pass and get familiar with the Academy.

What classes can I attend?

Most classes are open level. You can find more information on class requirements in the class descriptions.

Do you have to have a contract for a membership?

We have both commitment and no-commitment membership plan options, depending on your training goals and tuition preferences.

Do you provide gloves?

We highly recommend owning your own gloves — we have a selection available in our pro shop. If you prefer to use ours, glove rentals are $5.

Do you have any GI or NOGI restrictions?

No, we do not have any GI or NOGI restrictions and you may wear patches from any academy affiliation. We do ask that you wear clean attire for each class you attend. In addition, your NOGI attire should be free of pockets, zippers, and buttons.

If I attend a GI class, do I need to wear a GI?

Yes. For your first class, we will provide you with a GI top. After your first class, you must come to class with your own GI or rent one for $10.

Do you have a uniform requirement for martial arts classes?

Yes, we are a martial arts academy and a team. Appropriate uniform is required in each discipline: Muay Thai (Thai shorts and Five Points Academy Tee), Pekiti Tirsia (Five Points Academy Tee), Judo (Gi), BJJ (Gi or No Gi, depending on class format)

Do you rent GIs?

We highly recommend that you have your own gi if you intend to train regularly — we have them available in our pro shop. In a pinch, or for visitors, you may rent a gi fo r$10.

Do you sell merchandise at the Academy?

Yes, we have Academy training apparel, training equipment, snacks and beverages available for purchase.

Do you have showers and locker rooms?

Yes, we have showers and daily lockers available. We do not provide locks but they are available for sale in the pro shop. Towel rentals are $1 per towel.

Do you have any gym rules or etiquette of which I should be aware?

Yes, we have gym etiquette and rules listed in our members agreement. There are also signs up throughout the Academy that we recommend you read while you are visiting us. Basically, we are a martial arts and physical culture academy and a team! Everyone is here to learn, improve their skill and get stronger. Treat everyone with respect and help them on that journey and you should be fine!

Do you offer private lessons?

Absolutely! 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 1 or 2 trainees… please contact us at pt@AcademyFivePoints.com for more information.

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